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Think Outside The Box On Your Next Career Move



Many people have reached points in their lives where it is time to really think about what you want to do with your career. When you think about the job search, you can easily get overwhelmed thinking about how daunting it is.

While you may think that you are only going to find your next 9 to 5 at local career fairs or online, you may be surprised to learn there are other creative ways in which to find that new job. Below are some great tips for thinking outside of the box for your next career move.

Let Your Job Skills Lead The Way

Everyone has some marketable skills they possess. Some of those people may not even realize it until they start thinking about looking for their next job. Using your marketable skills will help you to apply for jobs which naturally fit your capabilities.

Your first step when searching for your next job is to figure out what your marketable skills actually are. Are you good at raising money? Can you create outstanding press releases? Can you type really well? Take note of everything you are good at and write it down. Use this list when searching for jobs to help you narrow down your search.

Think Beyond The Cubicle

Back when you were in school and thinking about ways of paying for college, you were probably envisioning long, boring days in a cubicle. However, you should be thinking way outside of the cubicle. There are tons of jobs where you don’t have to sit at at desk or be confined to a cubicle for 40 or more hours each week.

There are great job opportunities which exist outside of an office setting in the most unlikely places. When you are doing your searching, you should consider opportunities that are outside of office settings.

Fit Yourself In Somewhere Else

Many people find that they love the company or organization they work for. However, those same people might not necessarily enjoy the position in which they hold. If you are finding that is what your current job state of mind is, you might need to open up your horizons and explore other opportunities. You don’t have to feel stuck in your job forever.

If you don’t want to leave, try speaking with your managers or human resources coordinator about other opportunities or openings which may be available to you within the same company or organization. There are many companies which prefer to hire and train employees from within the organization.


The ability to network is one of the most invaluable skills that someone can have when looking for a new job or career. A single conversation or exchange of a business card can easily lead to many opportunities you didn’t even know existed. It is important to learn how to communicate with people both in and out of the field you are interested in.

In some cases, a random acquaintance or friend can be the missing link for you finding the job you desire. Many people have found their perfect careers by conversing with many people or attending events. The next time that you are thinking about making a job or?career change, be open and share your aspirations with anyone who will listen. You never know where that conversation might lead you.



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