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5 Reasons Why Employers Hire Fresh Graduates

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Getting a stable job has never been this difficult. Fresh graduates join their college thinking they are going to land a job the day they walk out. But everyone knows the reality. Very few people get placed just after finishing college. Others have to struggle and work really hard just to get an interview.

This is mainly due to employers preferring to only hire fresh graduates. The best ones get selected and the average students end up disappointed and heartbroken. But by knowing what exactly these employers are looking for, you can make yourself good enough for the companies in your field.

Here are 5 reasons why employers hire fresh graduates. Read them carefully and use them as hacks to get a job in your desired company.

1) Fresh graduates are trainable

Let’s be honest, people born before the year 2000 take a lot of time to understand basic concepts as they are not used to DIY training methods. They were trained by their superiors and are used to the classroom training.

But fresh graduates are different. They are born in an age of YouTube and Udemy. Learning a new programming language or any new skill today is easier than ever before. Hence, today’s employers prefer to hire fresh graduates.

2) They work for low rates

Gone are the days where your company handled your retirement and healthcare plans. Modern companies don’t want to get themselves involved in your life. They want you to work hard for a short period, grow as a person and move on with your life. But this benefit comes with a cost. Hence, they can’t pay a high salary to people in their early 20’s. Almost all startups in America prefer to hire fresh graduates. Some are also fine with people with no college degree.

3) Fresh graduates are fearless

Our forefathers were a fearless bunch of people. They fought wars and had to deal with dangerous man-eating animals. But due to the spread of industrialization in the mid 19th century, men became weak and fearful. But fresh graduates do not abide by those old values. They want to do what they love and they are willing to do anything to achieve their goals. Employers like this mentality and this is another reason why they hire fresh graduates.

4) Fresh graduates are tech savvy

After the year 2000, every kid was born in a world where technology is present everywhere. They have access to the internet and smartphones since childhood. So, naturally, they understand technology better than any other generation did. Employers are constantly seeking people with tech skills. Hence they hire fresh graduates who are well versed with technology. 

5) They understand youngsters well

A lot of companies are producing products and services targeted towards the young generation. Young people resonate with things like gadgets, fashionable clothing, self-development courses, dating apps, etc. To sell these products and services, business owners are looking for people who already have a rapport with the young generation. Hence, they hire fresh graduates.  


I have listed down these points by recollecting my own experience as a college grad. By becoming aware of your strength you can separate yourself from other fresh college grads who consider themselves as a victim of circumstance. 



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