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Three Times You Need an Interim Manager


Interim Manager

Interim Management is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the UK and America, but to many it interim manager can boost business productivitys still misunderstood. This means a lot of CEOs and entrepreneurs are missing out on the benefits that Interim talent can bring into their business.

Let?s take a look at three times you might reach out to get some Interim talent into your business, to give you a better idea of how you can boost productivity and profits with some Interim Managers.


This is the most well known reason for going to Interim recruiters. If your business is in crisis, over stretched, facing an ?out of context problem? and it doesn?t have the necessary skills and experience to survive.

Many Interim Managers have specific skills in handling a crisis: recruiters will be able to recommend people with a skillset that?s specific to your problem, whether you?ve had your business model affected by regularity changes, are experiencing a revenue shortfall or any other of the problems that can afflict a business. A good interim manager you can trust will survey the problem, propose a solution and then work to carry it out, as opposed to a consultant who will make recommendations with no obligation to actually get their hands dirt.

Early Days

When you?re just starting out with a small business, it doesn?t make sense to have, for example, a dedicated HR specialist ?your team simply isn?t big enough, so it falls to you to deal with holiday, sickness and payroll.

That may be the most resource efficient way of managing your HR responsibilities, but it doesn?t make it easy. You?re an expert in your product or service, a full-time entrepreneur, not an experienced HR manager.

One of the best things about Interim Talent is that they set up systems and provide education that long outlast their stay in your company. Having an Interim HR specialist spend some time with you early in your business? life will give them the chance to set up systems track and manage absence, and teach you some of tricks of the trade that will let you carry the burden until you?re established enough to support full time HR staff.

Specific Projects

There are often projects you?ll want to undertake but won?t have either the expertise or the capacity in your existing workforce. If you want to create a new stock control system, but your existing IT talent is already overstretched it doesn?t make sense to hire new permanent full time who will just be a drain on resources when this specific task is complete.

As high-level specialists who are set up to work on fixed term contracts, Interim Managers are ideal for projects like this.

Hopefully these examples have opened your eyes to the possibilities that Interim Management can offer your business.



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