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How did Penny Stock Firms Cash in on Bitcoin?s Rise?


Last year, it was a tough time for cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin has been one of them. It has been through a lot of struggle to withstand the crash that came with last year. As for now, Bitcoin is the champion of the crypto wars because it’s market share is on the rise. The market capitalization is being used by the penny stock operators to trade world most famous and wanted digital currency. The market share of Bitcoin has gone up to 60%, which was 53% in the previous year.

Penny stock share outperforms

The operators of penny stock have resumed crypto mining operations. The resuming process would also begin for MGT Capital Investments. Bitcoin?s rally has reached a point where it is beyond $8000. MGT Stock has also risen by 15%, making it’s market value reach $16.2 million. While Bitcoin is making a mark, penny stocks will reincorporate Bitcoin in the release of the press. Due to the U.S trade wars, there exists pressure and volatility when it comes to the equity markets. Bitcoins peers haven?t yet been able to reach its level. Bitcoin has been performing a lot better than its peers. The dominance that Bitcoin has been holding recently in spite of the bullish conditions is notably unusual. In general, the traditional asset classes are used to seeing flight-to-quality in the presence of bearish conditions. Numerous institutions have been adopting Bitcoin. Large financial institutions like Fidelity Investments are planning on expanding their operations related to cryptocurrency. Whole Foods Market has announced that it is soon going to accept the digital mode of payment from customers. Sid Shekhar, who is the co-founder tracker Token Analyst, says that some investors have decided not to miss the bitcoin rally, their holdings will be dumped to different digital assets. Bitcoin SV and IOTA are coins that are on the lower end YTD. However, it is essential to note that with the comeback of Bitcoin in the market, other crypto-focused companies have witnessed their share do very well in the market.

Looking forward

The cryptocurrency bulls view the revival in the red hot market. Bitfinex, which happens to be a significant exchange, has the bears cautioning. It is reportedly a scandal. Bitcoins receive less adverse reactions in the market due to which Bitcoin enthusiasts are often mistaken that the crypto spring is going to stay long. Arca?s Chief Investment Office, Jeff Dorman states in a research note by Bloomberg that this is what happens when the good stuff Is not cared about for a long time. Sometimes as long as a whole year consisting of 365 days, which is a very wrong step to take. He also states that right now, we are at a point where the bad stuff is bottled up and ignored as well.



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