Would You Share Your Credit Card With A Panhandler?


How many times have you been approached by a panhandler? Looking for spare change, cash, will work for food?

Well, what would happen if instead of giving them your spare change you handed over your credit card? Of course, with the stipulation that they buy what they need and then return it.

Do you think you?d get it back? What would they buy?

Well a reporter in Canada did an experiment doing just that. Sometimes he got the card back, occasionally he didn?t. Some of the panhandlers didn?t believe him and rejected his offer.

The majority of those who spent money spent it on food. There was the occasional visit to the LCBO (which I, of course, had to look up?the liquor control board of Ontario—sounds like they may have liquor laws like Utah!) and a few folks spoke of buying clothes but it doesn?t appear that any of them actually bought clothes. The one lady who needed pants claimed the card was stolen?..

Anyway, pretty fascinating story. Check it out here at thestar.com