Why Most Indian Fashion Brands Fail

Fashion brand

Fashion brand

The biggest reason why most Indian fashion brands fail overseas is that they are unable to produce products that meet the tastes of a heterogeneous population. While it is seen that the Indian masses adore certain top Indian brands and flock to make purchases, it must be noted that the collection of some of these top players in suited only to a certain section of potential buyers. A good strategy to diversify into other countries would be to come up with designs that meet the requirements of target countries. Indian designers must look beyond the ethnic restrictions and try to create exactly what international citizens are looking for. After having established their name abroad, they can then include sarees, kurtis, Indian gowns, Jodhpuri pants and so on into their global collection.

Most Indian fashion brands fail since a little too much attention is paid to intricacies and fancy embroidery instead of the comfort of the customer. Elaborate apparels are a welcome during weddings and family functions but they are a big no-no when it comes to daily wear or the corporate world. They are an obstacle to one?s free movements and this is why not all women across the globe prefer them.

A huge sum of capital investment is needed to study the cultural differences that exist in various countries. This is not feasible to all as the fashion industry is without doubt extremely dynamic. With changing times, the world is advancing towards being an open minded and interactive society. Since the return on investment and its rate is not certain Indian fashion brands cannot be blamed entirely for not venturing out into the open, beyond the borders of the nation.

Besides capital, advertisements and promotion are essential elements to make way into everyone?s closet drawers. Marketing is a key area where numerous Indian fashion brands fail to achieve success. Each day, new apparel tags enter the scene. While some of these are able to rope in celebrities and collaborate with bloggers for higher profits, a lot of these are unable to do so. A good marketing team is required who can handle social media marketing as well as this is the era of worldwide web. The internet has indeed connected people across the globe and it must be used to the maximum to let everyone know about different products, their prices, their descriptions, giveaways, sales, discounts and offers. It?s now just a click away to let the masses know about the opening of a new store, be it national or international.

In this age of instantly downloaded applications, reaching regions and areas is a big challenge. Nowadays, ordering online is the new trend. It is simpler, faster and eventually cheaper as it cuts down on the travelling cost. However, this proves to be a hindrance to several Indian fashion brands as they may be unable to provide cash on delivery services, reach every locality or even develop an application at the first place. Return and refund is another issue that brands face all over the world.

Lastly, it is very important to be unique in what is being produced. Most Indian fashion brands fail as they only keep trying to sell similar products at cheaper prices instead of actually coming up with something different from the herd. It is now a common sight that Indian sellers either design ethnic wear with a western touch such as cold shoulder or ruffle sleeves. But, that?s all just too common. Thus, taking risk is imperative as there are no shortcuts to success.


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