Which Method of Trading Is Right for Me?

City Trading Prices Fall...Picture shows the BCG voice + electronic brokerage' company trading floor, where traders compete on stock prices. Photo:Jeff Gilbert 03.10.2008 To get clearance on a trading floor whilst the shares plummeted in the City was going a great picture opportunity. I was informed not to speak to anyone whilst on the floor as tempers were running high as brokers shouted and traded on the telephones and computers. I like this photo because it shows a tense trader shouting deals down the telephone whilst also shouting at his colleague who is dealing on another two telephones at the same time...the pressure is on! I shot this using available light so as not to distract the dealers.

The internet has made thousands of activities far simpler and a lot more accessible for everyone. The amount of information out there can turn anyone into an expert overnight, on topics as varied as the inner workings of a Maserati engine to the life cycle of a badger. This includes finance and the stock market, and there?s now countless amounts of related information, advice and how to guides littered across web pages.

Technological advances have also seen changes in the way stocks are exchanged for both professionals and the casual trader. No longer are stock brokers an essential component for any amateur hoping to make a wise investment. Instead there are a few different trading platforms and methods available to suit many styles.

Floor Trading

The traditional method for buying and selling stock, using a floor broker still holds many advantages. It can be extremely time-consuming to constantly monitor the stock markets which can lead to some fantastic opportunities being missed. For this reason using a trading firm to handle investments makes things a lot easier.

It does take away some of the fun but for those serious about making a profit it is usually the safest option. Floor brokers are professionals who will provide you with the very latest prices and not make a decision without your direction. It allows you to rest in peace while they do the hard work, though if you have a real knowledge, passion and interest then becoming a floor trader yourself could be a rewarding option.

Online Trading

Trading stock can be a risky business with the potential to make losses. Using a stock broker of any kind is a costly endeavour as they often charge a brokerage fee and take a percentage for any earnings. One way to bypass this is by trading online.

There are lots of quality online trading platforms, such as the one available from Sucden Financial. These allow CFD trading for private investors, offering fast, secure services with live streaming prices and news. Online trading means you are in full control the whole time and able to make actions immediately rather than being slowed down going through a broker. A great choice for those serious about making it on their own in the market.

Mobile/Tablet Trading

Trading on a mobile or tablet holds many of the same advantages as online. It allows even more freedom however, as individuals can make as many or few trades as they desire, on the train, bus or at home. Most brokers require a minimum amount, so this avoids being charged a lot for a few deals or wasting time going through them to make many trades. To really find out which is best, have a go at all three methods first.


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