Where the Jobs Are


Most everyone agrees that what the economy needs right now are jobs. Jobs. That?s it, jobs.

But there are a few places that have plentiful job opportunities. See this article from CNN Money to tell you more about these 25 counties that have experienced the most job growth in the past 9 years.

1. Lincoln County, South Dakota (don?t worry that rumor has it that it gets so cold as to be almost uninhabitable in the winter, the photograph looks beautiful!)
2. Williamson County, Texas. Dude, they got Dell!
3. Hays County, Texas (is it just me or does it seem like Texas escaped the recession, unlike the rest of the country!)
4. Douglas County, Colorado.
5. Fort Bend County, Texas. (Texas, again)
6. Webb County, Texas. (yes, I think Texas missed out on the great recession)
7. Collin County, Texas (it?s official, see previous comment)
8. Broomfield County, Colorado (Colorado is having a good showing also)
9. Hamilton County, Indiana.
10. Cache County, Utah
11. Utah County, Utah (gotta mention, that this is my favorite so far)
12. Christian County, Missouri.
13. Wake County, North Carolina
14. Dona Ana County, New Mexico
15. Benton County, Arkansas
16. Maricopa County, Arizona (remember this list is job growth over past 9 years)
17. Prince William County, Virginia
18. Davis County, Utah (Utah is also having a pretty decent showing on this list!)
19. Faulkner County, Arkansas
20. Williamson County, Tennessee
21. Houston County, Georgia
22. Washington County, Arkansas (Arkansas is keeping up with Colorado and Utah)
23. Suffolk County, Virginia
24. Johnson County, Iowa
25. Canadian County, Oklahoma