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When should you start thinking about Money?

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Money! What! Are you trying to show off your assets or are you trying to be one of the coolest kids ever been on this planet! We know these are just few of the things one gets to hear, when they start thinking about earning money or start trying o fulfill their desire of becoming billionaire, from the very not so small yet taken to be small stage of a school student.

But is it really good or is it really bad, to think about money in the years when you are still graduating? Or are you getting off-track in your head and will eventually end up being another mental person running behind money?

Well, there is nothing bad in thinking about money, only thing is need to be checked how and what ways do we think more often when it comes to money!

Why thinking about money in the very small stage when you are just a school student is not bad?

C?mon, we have heard and know very well, that Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, made this software when he was still pursuing his studies, the intention was not wrong but a little motivation, helped him achieve the place where he is at right now. Dreaming big and start dreaming right when you have that energy and enthusiasm is not at all wrong. But dreaming something when you have already half of your life, will definitely make you feel, something is lost behind in the race of life!

The right answer would never be the exact one figure stating anyone?s age and even it can never be included in any sentence! But the main thing is when you start thinking about it, start it in a way that it never brings you doom out of nowhere and your desire will never ruin your fate!

It is nothing wrong in being productive and trying to do a little more extra, when it comes to work to earn a big figure but eventually when it is going of the track, you would definitely know and it would be great to stop it at that very right moment itself!

Take care of the these two points to be great while thinking about how to earn money and make it simply count!

  • Get in touch for every of your decision, with your elders!
    Mind is a wanderer and can get to resolve many options for any of the desired agenda. No doubt we all come across some of the easy and good ones while some of the nasty and tricky ideas, in some stage of our life! But the good way to come across a real good idea is to keep sharing with the elders, whose guidance you can really trust!
  • Never? think, you have gone far astray!
    Nobody is born with great experiences and only time, mistakes and guidance makes you better in what you do. A mistake is not a mistake, if done first time and can be used well as a stepping ladder if used quiet well as a lesson learned. Try to keep it simple and always return back home, whenever any ouch moment happens for you.



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