What to Look for When Booking a hotel

hotel booking

No traveler wants to stay at a hotel room filled with bedbugs and unsanitary conditions. Most people are so concerned with the price and location of the hotel that they forget to check up on basic things like the quality of room and customer service of the hotel. If a hotel is untidy and unclean, they clearly don’t care about their reputation. In such a case, the hotel administration is less likely to refund your money.

hotel booking

The nature of your visit is also an important factor to consider when booking a hotel. Are you visiting this place for business or you just want to explore adjacent places? These questions will naturally pop up in your mind. But generally speaking, there are a few common factors that experienced travelers look for before booking a hotel.

Here are a few things you should look for when booking a hotel.

1. Value for money

Ask any backpacker, and they will tell you how significant this factor is. You may be a frugal traveler who saves money by staying in cheap hostels and dorm rooms but once in a while, you do like to spend money on nice resorts. Leisures like swimming pool, gym, spa, complimentary meals, etc are some of the things you expect in an upscale resort. On other days, a good bed and a clean environment are more than good enough.

2. Location

Location may not be as important as cleanliness but it is vital for people who are on a business trip. You don’t want to book a hotel 10 miles from your client’s place. Another instance when the location becomes a prime factor is when you are visiting someone who is admitted in a hospital. You want to stay as close as possible to your loved one who may need you at any minute.

3. Online reviews

Next, it’ time to head to Booking.com and check out what other guests have to say about hotels in your preferred area. Booking.com is the only place which has 100% verified reviews. Moreover, they post so many high-quality pictures of the hotel and its surrounding area that you there no way you can misjudge it. Believe me, if the hotel you are planning to book has some problem, you will know in advance by reading comments made from the people who actually stayed there.

4. Staff and customer service

Customer service

When you travel alone, your fellow passengers and customer service representatives(in flights, hotels, etc) are your only friends. You are a total stranger to for the locals. Read comments on Booking.com to see if you find instances when guests had a bad experience with the hotel staff. Understand the situation and make your own judgment. You cannot predict what kind of people work in the hotel in which you never been before. So, you have to rely on other people’s feedback.


There are two main reasons why going through so much pain when booking a hotel is so necessary. First, you don’t want to waste your money on a crappy hotel. And, next, for your own safety and wellbeing. Lastly, if you are traveling to a secluded place which only has low-end hotels that are not even profiled on Booking.com, you can call them directly and talk to the hotel manager. From your phone conversation, try to get a sense of how the place must be.


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