What to do When There is More Month than Money

extra money

We have all experienced it at one time or another? being completely broke and not even able to find any loose change under the cushions on the couch. It doesn?t matter if the situation is due to mismanaging money or if it is self?imposed, it sucks either way. If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, there is no need to panic. You will be able to get through it easily enough with a few of these tips.

Get a Loan

You might not need to go to your bank and take out a massive loan. If you only need a few bucks to tide you over until your next paycheck, you might consider getting, or at least looking into, some of your options for quick installment loans. These are easy to qualify for ? you only need a job that can be verified, a valid social security number, and an active bank account. You can get up to $1,250 and the terms for paying it back are flexible. What really might entice you though, is the fact that you can have the money in your account as quickly as the next business day.

Sell Your Abilities

When you are looking for a way to top up your household income, you might stop for a minute and think about what your talents are. You might have a skill that is unique. You can always advertise that skill on various web sites where people can find and hire you. This can be a quick and easy way to make money, especially if you happen to love being able to showcase that particular talent.

Unclaimed Property

You might be curious, or you might be of the opinion that a family member might be missing a few assets. Either way, a good place to look for a bit of free money is www.missingmoney.com. This is a national database that has an endorsement from the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. It also has endorsements from both the Canadian and the US governments. All you need to do is to enter the preferred last name as well as a province or state and this can get you started on the search to find a bit of extra money.

Online Surveys

Did you know that there are companies out there that will pay a lot of money for information that might be personal? You can take full advantage of this by giving your opinions on various things and getting paid to do so. When you take surveys online, it can be a win ? win outcome. You will spend a little bit of time while you give your opinions full voice, and businesses are then able to learn what their consumers are thinking. This is a fantastic way to earn a bit of extra money, but typically, they only pay you a few dollars. There are some that will pay a lot, but they can be hard to find. Either way, this is a great way to earn a bit of extra money.

Test Websites

This is typically referred to as remote usability testing. What it means is that you can get paid when you visit a new website and then give the owner a bit of feedback. Most of the time, these will take you about a quarter of an hour and pay up to $10 for each one that you do. The test will involve performing a specific scenario while you are on the specified website and you will need to record you doing this. This might be something like selecting and purchasing a specific item on a particular retailer?s website. All you will need in order to do this is a computer that has a microphone, a web browser that is up to date, and an internet connection that is high speed. There are quite a few sites out there that allow people to do this, including YouEye, UserFeel, UserLystics, WhatUsersDo, and User Testing.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to find that extra bit of money that you might need in order to make it through the month.


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