What to Do After You Declare Bankruptcy


When people don?t manage their finances well – it can lead to their credit scores taking a nosedive. Some even have to file for bankruptcy and start all over again. Not only the financial toll, but you also take on a great deal of mental and emotional toll.

After you have dealt with the stress of having a messed up credit course, you need to figure out the next course of action. Today, we are not going into details but will touch the overall course.


What is Credit Repair?

Now, you have to focus on repairing your credit score. Credit repair involves three significant steps to provide a fair and complete picture of your finances:

  • Removing or correcting inaccurate information from your credit report
  • Taking steps to boost your credit score
  • Resolving problem areas to avoid credit problems in the future

Can You Do it Yourself?

With some research and planning, you can do it on your own. You will need to be determined and plan a tight budget. Have a consistent job, and also be meticulous with handling all your accounts.

Many people feel overwhelmed and decide on hiring help. It is not an issue, but it does not work out for everyone. I always advise you to understand and be on top of your own finances. When you learn things, you will eventually not make more mistakes. Hiring someone is an easy way out, but even then, you will have to know things and keep a check.

As Rub?n Hinojosa, an American politician, once said, ?High bankruptcy rates, increased credit card debt, and identity theft make it imperative that all of us take an active role in providing financial and economic education during all stages of one’s life.?

Stay Away From ?Credit Repair? Companies

There are no shortcuts. There is no legal way to clear the slate, and no company can magically wave a wand to clear your credit history. You need to accept the past and prepare for a better future.?

One of the worst decisions you can make is to put more money in one of these companies, which are claiming to clear a bankruptcy from your score, all they can legally do is claim a dispute which is likely going to take you nowhere.?

Final Thoughts

The best course of action is to accept the past and start to rebuild with proper strategy and patience. Your bankruptcy will barely be a bump in the road in a matter of years if you manage your credit responsibly.


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