What is in the Name of Your Brand


Whenever we wish to start something new or are planning to start a new venture, we most accurately need to know what the stakes are. This is because, to start a new business, or launch a new product or even expand your current business, there is a lot of investment that goes into it, not only money-wise but also in terms of resources and time. The advantages and disadvantages of each step have to be measured properly in order to achieve success.

Most often we tend to forget to pay attention to the most important things, just like the name of an organization, for example. ?What?s in a name?? you say? Well, everything is in the name itself. The name of a company is its identity and in order to improve your brand image, you have start from the very first step ? the name. Names offer uniqueness to the company?s identity. Names allow customers to relate to your brand, whether in a positive or a negative way. Yet, most people are stuck while choosing a name apt for their business. Name is one of the first things your customers learn about you, and it is through the name that you put your first impression.

You?ll be really surprised to know that Numerology can play a very important role in this name business. A business that incorporates the right alphabets and numbers will most likely perform better in the market and grow faster. Think of the letters as piano keys. While randomly pressing the keys is just noise, when these keys are properly chosen, the combination is capable of producing music. Similar to this scenario, when alphabets are carefully chosen to form a name, these strings have the ability to attract growth, success and prosperity.

Numerology is more of a science that works on mathematical principles. In fact, there are actual online portal that allow people to carry out name analysis, for free, and they are allowed to see for themselves what kind of effect their chosen names have on life and work. Young entrepreneurs are beginning to put in a lot of thought into naming their startups and a lot of research is done before anything is finalized.

Another interesting fact is that the online Numerology market is worth around $500 million, and is growing exponentially. So, before you throw the entire idea of naming, you might want to ponder for a while.


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