What I Learned From a Warren Buffett Quote


Anyone interested in learning about the world of finance or thinking of dabbling in it has heard of Warren Buffett. He is an American business magnate and investor who has made a huge and impressive mark in the investment world.

When someone makes it big, their words become gospel. Their words are seen as the words to live by. I was inspired by his quotes too. Not that I want to become someone big in the finance world. For me, investment is still a big blank that I fill little by little, day by day.?


?I don?t look to jump over seven-foot bars; I look around for one-foot bars that I can step over.?

This is the quote that took me back to the memories of my dad telling me to take small steps because you will eventually reach your destination. Taking small steps might seem like a waste of time if the big leap is just right around the corner. But, most of the time, you will be stumping your own growth if you keep skipping steps. Each step of the way is a learning opportunity.

When we start anything new, we should dedicate a significant amount of time to learn the skills required to master the craft. Take classes, spend time reading, do everything you can to prepare yourself for the best and the worst.

You are the greatest asset you are going to invest in. So, not only do you need to learn what is needed for success but you also need to learn things that make you the person needed to achieve that success. This happens when you set out to do things and keep doing them.

When we take big leaps, the chances of hitting harder when we fall down increases. We do not have the support of the lessons that we could have been learned from making continuous efforts, thus, dealing with issues becomes more difficult.

Instead of looking for short cuts or ways to make quick bucks, learn to embrace what looks like a slow process. It may seem like that because you are living it, but when you look back at it, you will see that you have made a considerable amount of progress – granted that you kept working and giving it the best you have.

Final Thoughts

The skills we develop, the habits we learn, the person we become – are all results of walking forward by taking one step at a time. The combined efforts of every day are what make you reach the peak.


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