Valid Reasons Why You Should Understand and Read Your Credit Report

Prior to making a large purchase that will require financing it is smart to get a copy of your up-to-date credit report. A credit score and credit report can actually make or break your potential purchase and since the majority of credit reports do contain errors it is wise to become aware of any potentially erroneous credit before you end up with an unwelcome surprise.

Valid Reasons Why You Should Understand and Read Your Credit ReportCredit bureaus handle a huge amount of information and it has been estimated that as many as 75% of all credit reports contain mistakes that can prevent a person from getting the credit that they need.

Many of these mistakes and errors can be deleted or improved by using different credit repair techniques.

Most people are aware that inquiries into their report can affect their credit score but the fact is that only inquiries from lenders affect the score. When a person gets a copy of their own personal report it has no effect on the credit score as it is considered to be a soft inquiry.

Many items that show on a credit report can prevent you from the getting credit. If you do get the credit, you may be charged a higher interest rate or down payment.

Now, credit ratings are even more important because they are being used by insurance companies to deny coverage and even employers are using them now as a hiring tool.

If you are interested in credit repair, there are professionals out there who will work towards improving your credit so that you can get approved for loans, receive lower interest rates (and save thousands of dollars), and more. CreditRepair.com will help you create a game plan to improve your credit score, they will contact credit companies directly on their own, they will communicate with the credit bureaus to work towards making a change, and they provide an online dashboard that will help you monitor everything that is going on. It is all very affordable and will most likely save you thousands in interest fees and late charges.

Credit reports can be requested for a variety of different situations.

Utility companies, landlords, insurance companies, doctors and hospitals, and of course, the usual like mortgage companies, credit card issuers, banks and other lenders. Almost anyone can request a credit check but it is important to note that it is illegal for anyone to check your credit without your explicit permission.

Checking your own credit can be easy and free.

Just contact the credit bureaus or go to annualcreditreport.com. One time each year you are entitled to a free report from each of the three main credit-reporting agencies. You must get all three reports because they do not exchange or share information and they will all be different. A lender may use just one report or take an average of all three reports so all of them must be checked.

Be sure and check your report on a regular basis.

You should always take advantage of your free report to check it out. There are credit-monitoring services that will notify you whenever there is any type of change on your report that may be helpful. However they are not necessary and you may only want to consider them if there is a lot of unusual activity or you have a concern about identity theft.

You are the only person who even cares about what shows on your report so it is your responsibility to make sure things are being reported fairly and accurately. If you take the time and energy to regularly check your report you can quickly take the necessary steps to repair the problems, should it become necessary.

How often do you check your credit report?


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