Top Twitters, Tweets For Week


Adelsauce –I feel like going on a shopping spree! Can someone let me borrow their credit card? #illgiveitbackafterimdone #promise

cocobrownies15 — Just got back from school shopping, I think this credit card feels violated for being swipped so many times. 🙂

Kelly_Werthmann Shopping for the new casa — thank God for Molly’s credit card!

(dang, where can I get access to a credit card like Molly’s??)

teenyo10 I just put a serious dent into my moms credit card hahahahaha i love back to school shopping!

(get your own credit card…oh, sorry forgot that you can’t now because of the CARD act!!)

HellaYellaKitty — I’m addicted to shopping!! Do they have a rehab for that only good part about my addiction is I use my debit card not my credit card

ErinDavis88 wants to go shopping.. if anyone wants to let me borrow their credit card let me know!

acb85 Shopping in Soho. My credit card is going to hate me!