Top Things to Do When You Cannot Find a Job



Job, Money and cozy life is the most essential things in one?s life. The hell breaks when one cannot find a job. Sometimes, we build our own cocoons and hide ourselves there, in order to not face the world. This way we feel we can be safe. However, is it always okay to not address the situation and hide ourselves in our cocoons? These are the inhibitions we need to curb from our lives.

Isn?t that equivalent to living with flaws? Sometimes, working in places that you haven?t graduated for can be your strength. Here are a few ways ? things to do when you can find a job.

Yes, I agree job is essential, but slogging for something that you don?t enjoy is not worth it. Try to digress from your current field of work.

Before I list down things, I?ll write down an anecdote for better understanding.

In the town of Beru there lived two friends- Shyam and Ram. Both of them worked in the same organisation. One fine day the organization removed both of them both were equally disappointed. Shyam went into depression. Ram was sound and fine. How? Ram spoke with his family and told them he would improve on his skills and add new skills. And this process might take some time. Ram?s family agreed, they were totally fine with him and his career.

Moral of the anecdote- always open up to your loved and dear ones, let them know the situation. Depression is not the way out; this way you are not only hurting yourself but the family as well.

A few things we can try if we can?t find a job!

  1. There are points in time when you love the job or the career options, but your skill set is not up to the mark. As the first step you can always push yourself to learn new things. Toning your skills can be of help. Try to study another course and earn better GPAs or take up higher studies for the undergrad you already did.
  2. In today?s fast moving era, nothing can beat technology and social media. Try and create your online presence, build your own set of fans, critiques and motivators. And it?s an added advantage to showcase your skills online, if you are a photographer or an artist or a writer, you can always put it up there! This way not only your family and friends will see it but the rest of the world will see it. Sometimes, these hobbies can become your career options.
  3. Once you have made your mark in the social medium, go a step ahead and prepare to strategize your social network wisely. There are a million websites, choose the frequently used ones or the popular ones and plan on what you?ll publish where.
  4. If you can?t find a job, then don?t hesitate to do a bunch of internships although you?ve done it already. Because you never know, those internships can become job preferences. Never miss an opportunity, always grab it with both the hands.
  5. The most basic thing to do today is to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. In fact, keep all your social media connections and websites up to date. This way you will reduce time needed for a person to do your background check.
  6. After you have done that successfully, google yourself and find out the popularity, because often people who recruit google your name to find out your reach and grip on social media. If your name and profile are easily searchable that means, you are eligible for a job and are famous! xD
  7. Going back to square one, evaluate your profile by yourself, you can only be the critic. In fact, the best critic for yourself. If you find you lack skills, do not hesitate to join the cloud courses or online courses or academies. Remember it is never too late and learning is a process that will keep happening all your life.
  8. Once you feel your skill set and profile are set right. Explore your hobbies, because when you have done the above steps flawlessly, you have enough time to pursue your hobbies. Try and learn new stuff, like skiing, drawing, photography or scuba diving etc.,
  9. You think you cannot learn that because you are stressed up, there can be nothing better to do, but to teach. Teach kids, young people and older ones. This way you will explore your strengths and faults, also those people can be your best critics.
  10. After all these efforts, now you are set to be an entrepreneur. Try that option, once you know your skills, you can open a startup company. Taking risks must run in your blood. Otherwise, this option is not your cup of tea.
  11. Communicating is a strength in itself, once you improve on that, you can gather work force, resources and other things needed to run your startup.
  12. Start selling your ideas. Make a base for brainstorming and earn some money via brainstorming. Sometimes, people need a person to exchange and improve upon ideas.
  13. Try travelling. Travelling will not only freshen up your mood but in turn will motivate you to do something big in life. If you are good at communicating, do not hesitate to become a temporary tour guide, earn some money this way.
  14. If you can strategize and plan, do it for people who desperately need someone to plan for them and advise them. In addition, if you think your advise are worth it, try counselling people. In today?s era, everyone is in a hurry and do not know or cannot figure out his or her problems. You can try it.
  15. Try cooking. If you are a good cook, call people over and cook for them, this will not only keep you motivated but will let you think of something out of the box.
  16. ?Make your resume look nice, get some extras here and there. Do some social services, campaigns, outdoor activities. Open your own NGO.
  17. ?Do some event management, plan birthdays, holidays, marriages and baby showers. Go to learn yoga and soul cleansing techniques. Reiki is an interesting thing to learn. Make some short films on social issues.
  18. Learn new languages, maybe a few Indian and few foreign. Knowing languages is an added addition to your skill set. Knowing a few other languages can help you in many ways!
  19. The most essential thing should note is, the job offer won?t walk to your house, unless you are some Einstein. Always knock every door for opportunities. Don?t wait for it to come, if you do so then I guess, you?ll have to wait forever.
  20. After the recreational process, hit the office again show your improvised resume. Convince your boss to hire you back. If this is the first job, then convince your interviewee and show him/ her your talent. Confidence will speak up every time you give an interview. Confidently give the interview, confidence is the only thing that can gain you the required job.


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