Top Methods of Strategic Brand Building

Brand building

Brand building

First of all, you must know that what is the meaning of brand building? It means that you establish your name and brand. This is done in such a manner that each time a product or tag line is thought of, your name is the first one to pop into the mind. Thus, as evident, brand building is not only an art, but also a science since it is based on certain principles that need to be followed strictly. Also, it is different for each company since the aim is to be as unique as possible.

It is very important to have a great strategic brand building because that is what ensures your outreach amongst your potential customers. It comes as no surprise that brand managers and company owners as well as designers wish to have the most effective strategy for brand building and establishment. Now, the key to success here is to maintain novelty instead of imitating some other established brand. Novelty is known to be a top factor of gaining attention and that is what needs to be done if you desire to remain at the too of the chart of effective brand building.

Thus, you must know about the following top methods of effective and strategic brand building. Read ahead now.

  1. Branding By Thinking

In the method of branding by thinking, the approach is more centralised and formal. Thus, since it is of greater prominence and well balanced flow, it is used and employed by none other than top companies who have a large turnover as well as diversified product line. In fact, you?ll be surprised to know that they are often referred to as ?house of brands?. Basically, there is essentially a cluster of companies under one roof and heading. Each brand under the banner has its own team which looks after the management, consumers, chain of supply along with the product life cycle to name a few of the important elements. Thus, it must clear that there is a lot of data. Top companies that fall in this category are: Nestle, Coca Cola and Gillette.

  1. Branding By Imagery

First of all, it must be noted that this strategy is put to use mostly by advertising agencies who are in a top brand development position and are linked to highly creative campaigns and movements. This means that all latest happenings are kept in mind and the lead is taken by exception art directors, photographers, and commercial directors who know exactly how to put the camera to use and come up with artistic endeavours. Culture is also known to play a vital role here. Examples would include Tag Heuer and Calvin Klein.

  1. Branding By User Experience

Branding by user experience means that that strategy followed depends on the target customer group?s perception. This means that it depends on how the consumers think and accept the quality and benefits of a given product. The experience if the user is the priority focus. Top companies using this are Starbucks, Disney and Tiffany to name a few.


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