Tips for Nailing your Job Interview



An interview is the first step towards getting your dream job and there are certain obstacles in that. Nervousness, lack of the self-confidence build-up and a lot more things start to circle around you. If you are the first time applier, then the situation gets harder for you as you don?t have any previous experience. Don?t worry we bring you the top tips by which you can nail your interview in no time and snatch that job from everyone else. These tips would not only help you to just prepare yourself for the interview but also help you to leave a long lasting impression.

  • Get the proper knowledge of the position

You should first get to know the job position you are applying for. This way you can play better. By getting the deep knowledge of the job position, you would be able to analyze that how you are going to relate your job experiences, internships, resume and other attributes for the same. You would also be able to frame the answers to the basic questions asked in the interview.

  • Research about the company

Every interviewer wants to know why you would like to work with his company. If you have left your previous job with a better company then the question is obvious. Study about the company, its vision, It?s mission, its corporate offices, about the CEO and other things. You should have a basic idea about the company before going to the interview. It is an important aspect for the fresher too. This is like a homework you have done before going to the interview.

  • Preparation of the CV

You should prepare the CV according to the job profile you are applying for. Modify your CV according to the job and then study it well. Do not lie about anything in the CV as it might happen that the question arises from the same field. Revise every single thing that you have mentioned like your project and training if you are a fresher and prepare for the questions that can be asked from your previous job work experiences. Be aware of everything that you mention on your CV.

  • Get an interview toolkit

An interview toolkit can contain things like your documents, a copy of the resume, and directions to the office, notepad, a copy of the job description, etc. This toolkit is specifically for the purpose of organizing your things that may impress the interviewer. It will give him a perception of you that you like to keep the things organizing and neat and clean. It is also a sign of the interview manners.

  • Show your skills by giving examples

You have to show your skills by giving the examples in an interview like if you say you are hardworking, don?t leave it to the interviewer?s imagination. Tell him by the example that you are hardworking. Tell him an incident where you had a load of work and you still completed it under the deadlines without any complaints.


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