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Think You Don?t Need A Credit Repair Professional?


Much of the criticism about credit repair companies and law firms center around the fact that you can do almost everything they do by yourself. You don?t actually need to hire a professional. That?s true. You can do almost everything on your own, if you have the time.

But even more importantly, do you have the expertise? A recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle outlines the problems of credit reports and how difficult it can be to get even inaccurate information deleted from a report.

And while the FCRA was designed to protect consumers there is a definite bias in the word of a creditor or a credit bureau over the word of an ordinary consumer.

The credit bureaus are big business. They have the big guns that can make your life miserable and it may not even be your fault.

If you need credit repair, do you really want to go it alone?
Read this article before you decide.

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