Things you must do to Avoid Bankruptcy


Many people often find themselves surrounded by debt mainly due to lack of financial management. It often leads to bankruptcy which in turn can lead to a bad credit score. It is quite a financially devastating situation, and nobody wants to get in this. So to avoid such kind of problem, there are a few things that one can do.

Now here is the list of things that you can do to avoid bankruptcy.


Sell out some of your assets

It is quite an excellent method to pay for your debts. You should try to sell out things that you can spare and that which will help in earning some significant amount of money. You can take action as soon as you notice that you don’t have enough money anymore to repay your debts. Some of the things that you can sell to make money can be furniture, electronics items, etc. there are some many online websites like eBay, Olx, and others that make this process much more manageable.

Cut down your expenses

Now there most of our money is spent on things that we may or may not necessarily need. When you are going through a hard time when it comes to repaying your debt, you should try to cuts down some of your expenses. These may include things like electricity bill, cable operator, landline bills, etc.   Cutting down these expenses will not cause much pain and will also make sure that you can save more money. Also, you can try to work a part-time job as well, to increase your income. This is especially applicable for people who are already living on a barebones budget.

Ask for help from creditors to save you from bankruptcy

Let your creditors get the idea of your bad financial health.  Openly express how willing you are to pay off your debts but are unable to.  You ask them to lower the burden on you by decreasing the monthly payment or by reducing the rate of interest. There are some many banks and other credit card companies that have special programs intended for people who are stuck in this similar kind of situation.

Seek counseling form a customer credit counselor

If you don’t get much help from your creditors, you still don’t have to worry at all.  You can always take advice from a professional who belongs to this field.  Reach out to a customer credit counselor who has worked with creditors so that your repayment and the rate of interest both can be reduced.  There is a new bankruptcy law that requires you to go through credit counseling before you proceed for the bankruptcy filings. The job of the counselor is to work with their clients like you and help them to repay their debts without falling into bankruptcy.

Therefore by following the steps mentioned above, you can easily avoid bankruptcy and secure your financial health by active repaying your debts.


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