Things That Will Get Your Credit Application Denied


There are many people out there who try to avoid credit as much as they can. However, in some instances, having credit can be a lifesaver and can actually help you out a lot. There are many things that you need to think about if you want to get your credit application accepted.

Things That Will Get Your Credit Application DeniedHere are different things that might lead to you getting your credit application denied:

? Low Credit Scores. Your credit score is a compilation of your history, your debt to available credit ratio, your credit mix and other things. There are things you can do to improve your credit score, and you should try to take advantage of them.
? Applying for a lot of credit. Every inquiry into your report dings your credit score. Limit your applications and be mindful before applying for credit.
? Using your credit. Well, rather using too much of your credit. That all-important debt to available credit ratio should never exceed about 20% of your available credit.
? Missing a payment. Yes, this one should be obvious. But regardless of the reason why, it will hurt you every time.
? Your mix of credit. Having too many retail cards and ?sub-prime? credit brings down your score. Stick with the well-known credit cards and avoid everything else.
? Canceling your credit lines. Remember, the debt to available credit ratio also counts your available credit. Keep as much available credit as you can.
? Avoiding credit. If you have no credit history it can be as bad as having bad credit. Establish some credit.
? Co-signing. One piece of advice here is be careful, don?t co-sign recklessly if you co-sign at all.

Have you ever had your credit application denied? Do you know why?


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