The Price Of Perfection


Yes, there are actually people out there who are striving to have a perfect credit score.

Perfect means 850.

Apparently only about 0.5% of all American?s ever reach that elusive number.

And once you do reach it all you have is bragging rights and the knowledge that you?ve satisfied that ever insatiable ego.

Because once you get over about a 785 credit score there are no further benefits. Perfection doesn?t buy you a lesser interest rate because someone at 785 and someone at 820 will probably get the same interest rate. It?s the below 700 people who pay more and more and more.

So, should you ask your prospective partner, who you are totally in love with, what their credit score is? Ask your date about their credit score?

And while good credit is something we all strive for?.it is still something that is precarious??lose your job, your income, your health and your credit could falter?.
Even if you started at perfection.

Read the ?Quest for the perfect credit score? watch the video?.the guy was a “professional poker player” and now he?s going to be a stay-at-home dad, part-time professional poker player.
(just seems incongruent, gambling and perfect credit, but to each their own…must work for him! Obviously, he is more disciplined than the gamblers I know!)