The Most Important Financial Numbers


There are some pretty vocal financial voices out there saying that your credit score is the most important number of your financial life. (Suze Orman for one).

And depending upon your own circumstances it may be. If you are unable to purchase a car unless you finance it, it may be important for you to have a good credit score.

If you want to purchase a home by taking out a mortgage you will also need to have a good credit score.

If you want to go to the nearest department store once a week and buy all of the latest fashions with a credit card, you don’t need a high credit score, rather you need cash and common sense.

And if you are unemployed or underemployed, your credit score is not the most important number but in your case the most important number is your income. You need to work on increasing that before you work on your credit score. You can’t maintain a great credit score without having some debt and you should never accumulate debt unless you have a secure income.


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