The Importance of Net Neutrality for Small Businesses


Before we even begin with the discussion, it is important to understand what net neutrality exactly is. Net neutrality is a concept that doesn?t allow internet service providers to pick favorites or discriminate in terms of the content we post or view online. This means that your internet service provider cannot speed up or slow down or block any website. Well, the new Trump administration has overthrown the traditional net neutrality rules and the business world is messed up.

Why is net neutrality so important for businesses? Net neutrality is important to ensure that internet is a free and open platform for all. A free and open internet is important for innovation and progress. It gives small businesses and startups to project their products to the market, and this is what drives the entire concept of entrepreneurship. A free and open internet is required to encourage healthy competition, at a level playfield, without some big conglomerate getting an undue, unfair advantage. Reversal of net neutrality rules have done great harm to smaller businesses, because their websites have slowed down or their contents have been blocked, because they are not able to pay more to promote their businesses, unlike the bigger companies.

The preferential treatment that big companies would get due to net neutrality shuts down business for other smaller businesses. So, if you don?t manage the fees, your website loading gets slow, and the traffic on your page reduces drastically, because let us face, this is the 21st century, no one likes slow internet.

Net neutrality allows companies to bring forth their idea to the world ? and who knows, it may end up becoming the next global sensation like Facebook or Microsoft or Apple. But, why should the smaller companies lose the race, only because they aren?t able to outspend?

It is the digital age, and every small or big business relies on the internet. If net neutrality is removed, small businesses will stand no chance on the ground, and they will end up losing their businesses. Because of this, there will be no new businesses, due to the constant pressure of spending more to get access to a higher loading speed for your webpage.

If net neutrality is shredded, internet would become a mob territory, where to operate a shop in this mob area, owners have to pay a certain mob fees on a daily basis to keep their businesses alive. If net neutrality rules are reversed, small businesses will be bullied.
And, that is something we cannot allow.


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