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Advice For Your Round The World Trip

Going on a trip around the world is an experience that you will always remember. Many people dream of doing this, but not many people are able to do so. If you are able to travel around the world, there are many things that you should think about before you leave your home for the airport or even before you do a hotel search. Know whether you can bring your credit card or cash. Usually you will want to bring multiple forms on currency with you, but in some places only cash in that country’s currency will do. You should know this beforehand ...
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How Much Is A Honeymoon?

The other day I was doing some research for a future vacation when I came across someone who said that they had budgeted $29,000 for a one-month long honeymoon. Yes, I just said 29 THOUSAND dollars! My mouth dropped when I saw that, and guess what? This person was asking for budget tips… They honestly did not think that $29,000 was enough for a one-month long honeymoon. According to Real Size Bride, the average honeymoon is a little under $4,500, and 15% of couples spend over $7,000. So this person’s budget was well over even the average ...
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Common Scams That People Fall For

There are thousands of scams out there. Possibly millions. Whatever the number is, there are a lot, and somehow people still fall for scams all the time. I don’t think a single day passes where I don’t receive a scam e-mail. I never open them up, but it makes me wonder how many people fall for scams, because there must be a reason why people keep trying to scam others – it must mean that they are successful at least some of the time. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Also, if something doesn’t ...
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How to Find the Cheapest Flight

When was the last time that you bought a flight? I’m going to guess that you probably almost fainted because of the prices that are out there! Unfortunately, not all flights are inexpensive. This may cause some pain to your wallet and your budget. Thus, there is a need to take the effort and time to find cheap flights in order for you to save as much money as you can. Here is a simple guide about how to find the cheapest flight: Buy at Early Hours During earlier hours, it is usually a little bit easier to find the cheapest flight. I’m ...
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