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Myths of Student Loans

Four Student Loan Myths All College Applicants Must Ignore

Some people believe that student loans are a piece of cake. Though student loans enable you to pay your college fees and let you have an uninterrupted higher education, they usually come with a price. What makes this process tougher are the widespread misconceptions about the procedure. Before applying for a loan, you must know what you are getting yourself into. In order to do that, you must distinguish between facts and myths. Listed below are four common student loan myths you must know about. The loan will affect your credit score The fact ...
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4 Tips To Pay Down Your Student Loans

Oh student loans. So many of us have them, right? You might have them, or maybe someone close to you has student loans and that’s why you are reading this article. For me, I am all about paying down student loans as quickly as possible. They are probably your biggest or one of your biggest monthly payments each month, and the stress that comes from that can be very high. Here are my four tips to pay down your student loans as quickly as possible: 1. Lower your budget. If you want to pay down your student loans quickly, then you need to look ...
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Student Loan Debts Overtake Credit Cards

For years the credit card debt in the United States trumped all. All other types of debts, that is. Meaning that credit card debt was higher than any other types of debt for the majority of Americans. But recently another type of debt has become the largest debt. Student loan debt has now exceeded the debt of credit cards. This is based partially upon the fact that fewer people responded to fewer credit card invitations in the past year with the economy and the new CARD act. Also, jobs are scarcer and more and more students are applying for student ...
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Graduation And Student Loans

It’s graduation time and many former students will now have to face the music on how much they owe on their Federal student loans. And from a credit perspective, you may or may not know that you can’t file bankruptcy nor is there any statute of limitations on a Federal student loan (or taxes either for that matter) but if you have an outstanding Federal student loan it will remain on your credit report for eternity or until 7 years after you pay it off (a statute of limitations will kick in if you pay it off) whichever comes first! So you may ...
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