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What Would You Spend $480 on This Summer? Enter to Win!

This contest is over… Do you find that you tend to spend more during the summer versus other times of the year? Summer is when many of us can finally enjoy the outdoors. We might take a nice summer vacation or two. Perhaps play golf every weekend, or maybe do lots of gardening. Of course, all of these activities cost money, in some cases a lot of money. So what can you do to save some money over the summer months, but still have a good time doing the things you love to do? Vacations Always try to book your vacations as early as possible. ...
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Last In Line, First To Buy?

We may not want to believe it but a current study indicates that people with last names that start with the letters from the last part of the alphabet are more likely to jump on the bandwagon and buy something first “before they’re all gone” than people with names that start with letters that come from the beginning of the alphabet. The recent study that was co-authored by Kurt Carlson, assistant professor of marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business found that children with last names from the last part ...
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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Apparently not according to two new research papers. Life satisfaction, yes, but happiness, no. With one caveat. You need to have at least $75000 a year. In fact, the happiness factor seems to increase until you get to that $75000 mark and then it plateaus, even as the life satisfaction ratings continue to go up. More money may not make you happier but less money does make you unhappier (is that really a big surprise?). “How Much Money Do You Need To Be Satisfied?”
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