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Should You Dispute Bad Credit?

As young adults, we are taught many things. But one lesson most of us are not taught is something that will ultimately affect our entire lives. Unless we learn the importance of earning and maintaining a good credit score, life can end up really hard. Not all bad credit marks are necessarily your fault though. There can often be errors in reporting leaving bad marks against your credit. It is essential to know what your credit report looks like before you apply for a credit card or any loans. If there is an error, you can dispute bad credit marks ...
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Fighting The Debt Collectors

If debt collectors are harassing you, you need to realize that there are laws to protect you from unscrupulous practices. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits many of the most egregious infractions. Right now there are more and more people taking advantage of this law and actually suing and winning over debt collectors, especially the third-party collectors. Most of the time, a creditor will try to collect a debt for a while, but most often they will actually write off the debt and sell it to a third-party collector who then tries to ...
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Improve And Repair Bad Credit

For most people in life the major financial purchases like buying a house or a car require credit. Of course, in order to be approved for credit you must have a good credit score. Life and finances both tend to be less expensive and much easier when you have a good credit score. But what can you do if your credit score is already shot? There are some steps that you can take to improve and repair your credit. The first thing that you need to do is to get your free credit report from all of the big three credit bureaus, which are TransUnion, Equifax ...
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Make The Collection Company Validate The Debt

A collection agency is a second party (rather than the original creditor) who has been authorized by the original creditor to try to collect the debt. There are various ways a collection agency may get the debt, however that goes off on a different tangent and should be in a different post. But think about this…… If you owed Sam money and someone named George tried to collect the money, would you just automatically give George the money or would you make sure that he was authorized by Sam to collect? Would you make sure that you actually ...
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Inaccurate Information Credit Repair Letter

If you have some inaccurate information that is not yours and you may find it is necessary to send some letters to the credit bureaus. Here is a sample of a credit repair letter for inaccuracies. You should always adjust the letter to your own circumstances (for example, if you were not turned down for a car loan, don’t say that you were!). However, this sample is a good start and it shows you what information to include. Your Name Your Address Your Phone # Collector’s Name Collector’s Address Date Dear Collection Manager, Re: Account ...
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Questionable Debts And Debt Validation Letters

If a debt collector is hounding you about a questionable debt, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can request the debt collector to send proof of the debt. This process is referred to as debt validation. See the sample debt validation letter at 724credit.
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