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Understanding Your Tri-Merge Credit Report

To understand your Tri-Merge credit report it is essential to realize that the report is simply three separate reports put together. A Tri-Merge report is your Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union report put together. The reason they are laid out this way is for comparison. The following are a set of simple guidelines to follow for reading the report. Personal Information: Review your personal information section to verify that the information is correct on each. The section should contain information like name, date of birth, social security number, ...
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5 Ways to Manage Your Credit

Reputation is very important — whether in your personal life, at work, or where your finances are concerned. Your credit score is your “financial reputation”. The better your credit score, the more likely you are to get low-interest rates, loan packages, and higher credit card limits. More importantly, a lot of employers now look at an applicant’s credit score for evaluation. In fact, the importance of the credit score has crept into dating; why date someone with very poor credit score and get yourself into potential financial ...
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Demystifying Four Credit Myths

There are many myths when it comes to your credit score and credit report. These myths will probably always float around in space somewhere, but if you are reading today’s post and read my blog, then hopefully we can demystify these credit score and credit report myths and make everyone just a little bit smarter today. Below are four common credit score and credit report myths that you may have heard of and even fallen for: 1. Does your job affect your credit? Your job and your income have absolutely no effect on your credit score. In fact, ...
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Six Biggest Credit Mistakes

The current economy has wreaked havoc on many people. Many people, even those who previously had stellar credit, have seen their credit scores plunge and they are still suffering the effects of bad times with bad credit. But there is hope. There are some things you can do to repair your credit. But first there are a few things that you should never do. In no particular order but numbered for efficiency sake below are some of the six worst mistakes. 1. Biggest Credit Mistake – Canceling your credit cards. It may seem counter-intuitive and if ...
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Valid Reasons Why You Should Understand and Read Your Credit Report

Prior to making a large purchase that will require financing it is smart to get a copy of your up-to-date credit report. A credit score and credit report can actually make or break your potential purchase and since the majority of credit reports do contain errors it is wise to become aware of any potentially erroneous credit before you end up with an unwelcome surprise. Credit bureaus handle a huge amount of information and it has been estimated that as many as 75% of all credit reports contain mistakes that can prevent a person from getting the ...
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Ways To Build Your Credit Without Credit Cards

If you are looking to build your credit, then you may be looking into the many different options that you have. If you don’t want to apply for credit cards, then do not fear. There are other ways to build your credit without relying on credit cards. Building your credit is something that mostly everyone wants to be doing or they should be actively doing. Having a good credit score can mean that you can qualify for lower interest rates. Lower interest rates are great because you can save money over paying a higher interest rate. An interest ...
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Improve Your Job Search By Repairing Your Credit

Few people realize that having a high credit score can be beneficial when searching for a job. While it is obvious that a high credit score will affect getting a loan, the fact is that by law an employer can refuse to hire an applicant based solely on their credit report. Employers may feel that credit history is a fair representation of a potential employee. They may believe that responsibility, judgment and even work performance is reflected on a credit report. Perhaps credit history could be an indicator of the type of employee someone will be. However, ...
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Three Unexpected Benefits Of Credit Repair

Most folks realize how crucial it is to have a clean credit report and a high credit score when they try to get a loan for a house or an automobile. Lenders take the credit information very seriously and they can charge a higher interest rate or even deny credit altogether based on the information from the credit report and credit score. But there are also a few things that most people are not even aware of concerning credit scores and credit reports. Negative credit can have an effect on many things that you may not even be aware of. Your credit ...
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