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Understanding Credit Basics

Credit – The ability of a customer to purchase goods and avail services before payment, based on the trust that the payment will be made in future. How to improve your score? If you want to improve your credit score, follow the following tips. Subscribe to healthy repayment habit: (a) Pay your bills on time, don’t delay. (b) Clear the missed payments. (c) Get counseling and understand how to not let it fall Manage your debt. Keep the balances low, in fact very low. Pay off debt rather than delaying it. Don’t close unused cards. Don’t ...
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Flaws In The CARD Act

One of the lesser-known or talked about changes of the CARD act of 2009 is that credit card applicants under age 21 are now required to have enough income to support the credit card or have an adult act as a co-signer on the account. However, a problem arises because there is no standard income level for the young adult to get approved for the card. There is also no standard in place for proving income. Therefore, a young student may be able to get a card without really having the ability to pay the credit card back. While they may be required to ...
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