How To Stick To Your Financial Goals In 2015


It?s the first week of February, how are your 2015 financial goals going? If you are similar to?the average person, then they might not be going so well.

Most people give up on any resolution or annual goal by this time of the year, which is sad because it?s so early in the year still!

If you want to stick to your financial goals in 2015, then I highly recommend that you read the below. Let?s make 2015 a successful and wonderful year for all of us.

How To Stick To Your Financial Goals In 20151. Write down your financial goal.

The first step you need to do is that you need to write down your goal. You might have already done this, but I am going to guess you haven?t yet if you are already having trouble sticking to your goals for the year, since we are only one month into the new year.

Writing your 2015 financial goals down is a good decision because it can help serve as a daily or weekly reminder. This way you know what you are working towards and you will not forget it.

A tip that goes along with this is that you might even want to make your goal more noticeable to you. This means that you might create a goals or vision board – just something that you can look at each and every day.

2. Track your financials goals and readjust.

One thing you MUST do when you create goals is that you must track your progress and readjust if something needs to be changed.

Life changes all the time, and following a goal that doesn?t directly relate anymore doesn?t make any sense. So, you should always be tracking how you are doing in relation to your goal and see what may need to be changed, how you can improve, how you may be able to be more successful with your goal, and more. I am sure there is something you can track!

3. Set smaller goals.

The next thing you will want to think about is whether or not you can break your goals into something smaller. Smaller goals can make a larger, annual goal seem much more attainable and realistic.

You might want to set a weekly or monthly goal so that you can reach your annual goal. Trust me, breaking your goal into smaller sections definitely works!

How are you doing with your 2015 financials goals? Please don’t say you’ve already quit 🙂


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