Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring Cleaning TipsIt’s almost Spring time. This is something that I am sure you are excited for. This was one of the worst winters ever in most areas of the United States.

It seemed to snow nearly every week, and there were a record number of snow days for the schools near where I live. Just an example, when I was in school, just one snow day was considered lucky.

This winter so far, many of the schools are on number 15 or 20!

Spring is a fun time, and the nicer weather is something that I cannot wait for. With the nicer weather, also means that we need to do a lot of cleaning in our home! Can’t forget about that, right?

Here are some areas that you might want to tackle.

Clean out your closets.

When was the last time that you really cleaned out your closet? You should clean it out, wash things that need to be washed, pack stuff away that you won’t need until next winter, and so on.

Sell or donate your stuff.

After you clean out your closets, you may have found many things that you no longer need. You should make a “sell” pile, a “donate” pile, and a “trash” pile. Get rid of everything that you don’t need, and hopefully you can even make a few dollars!

Organize your papers.

If you don’t organize your papers often, then you should do so now. Separate important tax papers, receipts that you keep, bills, and so on. Put them in folders so that you can easily find them later instead of one huge pile that you know you will never look at.

Repaint the trim around your home.

Repainting the trim around your home is usually an easy fix that doesn’t take too long. It also can really transform a home because the trim around your home can easy get dirty or stained.

Wash your walls.

If you don’t wash your walls very often, then by the time that spring cleaning comes around they can be filthy. Wash the walls in your bathrooms, around light switches (they can get very dirty since you sometimes turn the lights off and on without looking directly at the light switch), in your kitchen, in your dining room, in the play room and so on.

Do you Spring clean? What needs to be tackled in your home?



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