Some Factors that Affect Recruitment

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

If you are someone who has been looking for a job recently and has just not been able to get one, you should actually not think that you are not worth it. Usually, people tend to develop self-criticism and doubt themselves. But, you may not be aware that the hiring process does not just get affected by your skills and educational qualifications. There are a number of factors that affect recruitment. In case you wish to know what they are, keep reading ahead to know about some of these elements and how they influence your role in the company.

  1. Size of the organization: First of all, the size of the organization is the most important thing. You see, the organization can be large scale or small scale. Though it can also be one with an average workforce, mostly they are considered to be large or small. This is where your post is affected because in case it turns out to be a small company, then you need to understand that they do not need much workforce. In fact, such companies often reject even the best of the applicants because they feel that they might not be able to pay the workers well enough, according to their capabilities and capacity.
  2. Need of the organization: Secondly, the need of the organization matters a lot. You may be someone who has a lot of educational qualification and degrees and medals galore. However, if you do not have job experience, then they might just reject you. this is the 21st century when practical knowledge is valued more than just theoretical understanding. There is a stark difference between the two and you realize this only when you start working. In fact, with experience, you are also able to understand about the possible difficulties that you will face and how to tackle them with a strategic approach.
  3. The procedure: When a company hires you, they don?t just see how much you have studied or scored in your school and college level examinations. They see you as a whole. This is why the recruitment process is not just a one step process. First, you need to apply. Then, you need get shortlisted. Then, there is a written test followed by an interview in which your speaking skills, life experiences as well dress sense (if in office) are judged and studied carefully. You are hired only when you are able to clear all the set parameters. Offices now want all-rounders and not just bookworms.
  4. How much can the company pay? That is one question which can be answered only by the human resource department. But, a lot of times why even the top applicants are rejected is that the company just cannot pay as much the applicants are demanding. This is because the company has to maintain a budget and balance between their profits and expenditure.

Thus, these are some of the factors that affect the recruiting process all over the globe.


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