Saving Money Like A Pro – Things To Cut Down From Your Budget



Every professional was once a beginner. Irrespective of your level of mastery in savings, by the time you?re done reading this article, I?m sure you must have had a slight or a massive upgrade towards becoming a pro in saving money.
Don?t turn your back on me now, this article isn?t as sober as it sounds! I shall preach to you the art-o-money-saving in brief and a tad bit of fun, you have my word.
Now, one of the key courses you need to get an A+ on for acquiring a Masters degree in money-saving is things to cut down from your budget.

To begin with, let me state the obvious; your budget is segregated into various areas. They could be health, insurance, rent and bills, food, recreation, more food, more recreation, oooh – shopping, oh – and did I mention food, recreation and shopping? No, I didn?t repeat them deliberately. Or maybe I did to make a point that majority of the upper and middle class population spends the most on food, recreation and shopping. Okay, fine. You caught me in the act of doing so too, and I plead guilty!
Moving on, now that I?ve made my point, the rest of this article shall be circumambulating just that.

As mentioned above, majority of our budget is devoted to food, recreation and shopping. It?s something we can?t resist, naturally (more like ?obviously?, hah). So the important thing is that we try cutting down things from the aforesaid.
Firstly, consumption of junk foods is neither healthy, nor fulfilling, and it?ll always keep our tummies growling. So instead of buying chips, snacks, candies, chocolates and other nice things, try purchasing fruits, vegetables, or meat. Although I?m not quite forbidding you from devouring junk food, I?m just telling you to curtail your impulsive purchase of those goodies!

Secondly, control your urge to go on a field trip every now and then. Recreational activities are healthy and all, but an excess of them is a waste-o-money. Instead of pursuing them on a regular basis, plan them monthly, or more so, two-a-monthly. That should satiate your soul?s appetite, and you won?t even get bored of visiting the same place again and again because your marginal utility will be diminishing at a slower pace, blah-blah-blah.

Thirdly, refrain from looking at clothes, books or whatever else you want to buy every time you step out of your house. Shopping is good, but twice or more per month is not good. It?s another way of letting your money flow away like the water of the Niagra Falls. If you can?t resist looking at stuff in the display windows, then chain yourself to the individual accompanying you and grant them the permission to use their force. May that force be with y?all.

After the aforesaid, we?re left with budget on health, travel and bills. You can?t cut down your expenditure on health, even imagining that is funny! The only thing you can do here is limit the use of excess electricity, water, gas, petrol/CNG/whatever-fuels-your-vehicle and yada-yada-yada. Doing so is simple; just avoid wastage. Period!

Congratulations, you are now one step away from becoming a pro in saving money! Now you just need to follow the aforementioned guidelines, and with that, victory shall be yours!


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