Responsible Credit Card Use


There are ways to use a credit card that is completely to your advantage. But when you are completely responsible with your credit card, the credit card companies are not making the profits they need and expect.

So apparently it is a good thing that there are the irresponsible users also (makes it more beneficial for the responsible ones!)

The irresponsible users are the ones who rack up the debt, do balance transfers to postpone debt and basically just live beyond their means.

The irresponsible cardholders are the ones that are actually paying the dues for the responsible cardholders.

It is the irresponsible cardholders that allow the credit card companies to operate as profitably as they do. The credit card companies don?t make enough money from the responsible cardholders to even stay in business. If you pay off your credit card every month, they don?t make any interest.

So which one are you? The responsible or the irresponsible?

And perhaps the better question is, Which one do you want to be?


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