How to Remove Tax Liens From Your Credit Score


Nobody ever wants to back taxes to the IRS. The IRS can be aggressive and brutal when it comes to collecting their taxes. They will make sure that you pay up and it can be very distressing to have tax liens showing up on your credit or against your property.

A tax lien on your credit report will stop you from getting a home mortgage, car loans, student loans and even credit cards. An unpaid tax lien can show on your report for as long as 15 years but even if you pay it off it will show for 7 years or longer unless you dispute it.

In most cases you are better off to settle the tax lien rather than fight it. Sometimes you can negotiate with the IRS and settle for a lesser amount but you can rarely get away with not paying them at all. The IRS will always find you and they will hound you until you pay them off or your die in which case they will still try to get their money from your estate. That is just the way it is. Everyone has heard about “death and taxes”.

After you pay the tax lien off the negative listing can still be showing on your credit. It is up to you to do whatever you can to get this negative listing deleted by using credit repair techniques or the negative listing will negatively affect you for 7 years or longer.

In order to get a tax lien deleted from your credit report you must submit a dispute to the credit reporting agencies. Make sure you submit a duplicate copy to all of the big three, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. You have the right to dispute any inaccurate or misleading credit because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Learn about your rights and enforce them so that you can have peace in your financial future.

Credit reporting agencies are famous for reporting inaccurate information but the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the right to dispute any unfair or inaccurate items. After you pay off a tax lien you can petition to have it removed from your report. It is your responsibility to do it so that you can clean up your credit and move on.

Credit reporting agencies are in the business to make money from compiling your information and selling it. They don’t care if it is correct or not. If your credit report is listing negative information that is inaccurate you need to do what you can to repair the damages. It is up to you to make sure that your credit is looking as good as possible.

You can make an effort to repair your credit and get negative items deleted either by employing a professional credit repair company or by doing it yourself. Either way you are responsible for making sure that your credit report and credit scores are shown in the best possible light so it is wise to take steps to repair any problems on your report including tax liens.


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