Re-aging Accounts As A Benefit For The Consumer


A little known credit repair and debt management technique that you may be able to put into practice is to have the creditor ?Reage? your account. This means that you get a written agreement with the creditor that resets the clock on your due date making it current. For example if you are behind on your payments because of financial difficulties but now your income situation has improved and you are able to start making regular payments again, you make an agreement with the creditor to start making regular payments again and in turn they will bring the account current on your credit report.

Not all creditors will agree to this but if you can accomplish it, it will set the clock back to zero and you will have the fresh start that you need. If you are able to negotiate a reaging on your accounts make sure that you get it in writing and follow up by checking your credit report to make sure that all agreements have been met.

Do not attempt this if you have any doubts that you will be able to keep up with your payments as you will be wasting a great opportunity and you will also end up doing more damage to your credit report.


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