Quickly Raise Your Credit Score


What are some of the quickest things you can do to raise your credit score?

? Pay down your existing debt. Your credit utilization ratio, or the debt to available credit ratio accounts for at least 30% or your score. Reduce this to 30% or less (meaning you owe 30% or less of the amount you can borrow) and your score will increase quickly.
? Get your credit limit raised. The next best thing to the previous suggestion. If you cannot pay down your debt, go through the back door and get your credit limit raised. It will have the same effect.
? Start using an older credit card. But don?t get a new credit card. The length of your credit history matters. Use an old card that you may have put away.
? Check your credit reports and make sure that there are no mistakes and errors. If there are you should submit disputes. Disputes will take at least 30 days or so but it is still important if you want to raise your scores in a reasonable amount of time.