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Prefer To Use A Credit Card?


Credit cards are easy. Just whip it out, run it through the machine and voila? you?re done. Easy, peasy. Much easier than writing a check or even making sure you have enough cash on hand.

So how can you use a card most of the time yet still maintain your high credit score?

You can charge less so you maintain a smaller balance.

You can use a debit card. The money will come straight out of your accounts instead of showing as a balance on your credit card.

You can make more payments, break up usual payment into a few smaller ones that you send in a few times a month instead of just once. No rules against that.

You can request a higher credit limit so that your debt to available credit ratio goes down.

You can spread the charges over other cards.

Using a card may be the easiest, but as we last reported if you carry a high balance every single month it is most likely reducing your credit score.

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