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free gas

Little-Known Ways to Get Free Gas in 2019

Why pay full price for gas when you can get it for free? Yes, you heard it right. I am not talking about discount coupons or other hacks. You can fill up your gas tank once or twice a month without paying a penny. Purchasing gas for your car is no different than shopping for groceries or clothes. If you can occasionally get free food and clothes then why not gas for your car? Here are a few legitimate ways you can get free gas for your car in 2019. 1. Get free gas cards with Swagbucks If a promise of free gas after completion of a ...
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Lucrative Skills That Save You Money

Who could say no to saving more than $4000 a year? That too, without living in an RV or eating peanut butter sandwiches for an entire year. You can save more than $4000 a year by leaning a few basic skills that can come handy all round the year. Instead of hiring a professional or an expert to work, you can learn how to do it yourself and make a truckload of savings each year. Here are the 5 lucrative skills that save you money. 1. Learn to give yourself a fine haircut According to a report from BusinessInsider, the average cost of ...
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Student credit card

Should College Students Have Credit Cards?

Are you a college student wondering whether getting a credit card is the right thing to do at this moment? Or maybe you are a concerned parent who wants the best for their children? Credit cards can land anyone in trouble if used irresponsibly. It doesn’t matter whether the user is a college student or a person in their fifties. To answer your question: Yes, I think a college student should have credit cards. They might be a novice when it comes to managing their finances and making smart financial decisions, but without getting started, ...
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debt consolidation

5 Myths About Debt Consolidation Debunked

Are you wondering whether to go for debt consolidation or not? Maybe you have heard some rumors about it and need some new perspective. Debt consolidation is nothing but merging all your debt into one loan with a lowered interest rate and extended repay period. It might seem easy and straightforward but it’s not. There are many terms and conditions that are involved which make applying for a debt consolidation a headache. Here are the 5 myths about debt consolidation loans. 1. It is bad for your credit score Consolidating your ...
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Income protection

Income Protection Insurance? Do you really need it

Is your workplace safe?  Do you work in a place where there is a greater chance you getting severely injured; maybe lose a limb or even die? If the answer is yes, an income protection insurance or also known as disability insurance can cover you while you recover from your injury. The question of whether you need income protection or not purely depends on how safe you feel with whatever you are doing at the moment(it could be your profession, hobby or something else). If the organization you are working for does not provide disability ...
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hotel booking

What to Look for When Booking a hotel

No traveler wants to stay at a hotel room filled with bedbugs and unsanitary conditions. Most people are so concerned with the price and location of the hotel that they forget to check up on basic things like the quality of room and customer service of the hotel. If a hotel is untidy and unclean, they clearly don’t care about their reputation. In such a case, the hotel administration is less likely to refund your money. The nature of your visit is also an important factor to consider when booking a hotel. Are you visiting this place ...
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What are the Benefits of 401(k) Plans?

Don’t be one of those people who think that accumulating more money in your bank account will eventually make your rich or financially independent. A 401k plan is one of the best retirement plans on the face of the earth. It allows you to live a carefree life whilst contributing and saving for your retirement. By contributing as less as 3 percent of your total monthly income to the 401k plan, you can maintain your lifestyle and also be ensured of having a good time in your twilight years. Here are the 3 benefits of a 401k plan that will ...
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5 Best Small Business Loans for Women in 2019

It is not an easy task to get a small business loan for women entrepreneurs in 2019? Whether you in the tech business or a restaurant owner, funding is something that is absolutely necessary to scale your business from a startup to a full-blown organization. Here are the 5 best small business loans for women in 2019. 1. Lendio Lendio is one of the options for women who own startups or small organizations. The only condition Lendio has is: you should have a fully functional business with annual income more close to $120,000. This amount ...
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