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Personal Capital Review- A Money Management Tool for Newbie Investors

Personal Capital is a money management tool focused more on investment and retirement. Both the web tool and the mobile app(for Android and iOS) are amazingly designed to help you enter, modify and view information regarding your finances. Like other money management tools, Personal Capital lets you manage all your accounts in one place. It also provides real-time data, which in turn, helps you visualize your cash flow. About Personal Capital Personal Capital(previously known as SafeCorp Financial Corp) is an online financial advisor and ...
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Here are Effective Ways on How to Clear Your Credit Card Debts

Are you carrying an unreasonable amount of credit card debt and wondering how you will ever manage to pay it off? Here are some effective ways to clear your credit card debt. 1. Take It Card By Card If you are in the deep end of the debt pool, with humongous balances on various cards, it might feel overwhelming to even consider clearing it all at once. Even if you do make the attempt, you will find yourself stretched thin and unable to make meaningful progress. Rather than giving up before you even start, try a different approach; pay off ...
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5 Best Passive Income Ideas in 2019

Wouldn’t you like to earn $500-$1000 extra every month without putting in a ton of work? Here is a solution for you. Instead of finding a second-job, try investing your money in an asset that is already generating money. Or create one yourself. Passive income is money generated without any physical work. Your asset generates money for you while you sleep, eat or do whatever you want. In this post, I am only concerned about generating enough income to better your current financial situation. But it is also possible to generate enough money(passively) ...
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Make Dramatic Savings with These Cashback Sites

Are you interested in making some remarkable cash savings this year? Future is uncertain. Saving money is the only way to make sure you are covered in case of an untimely event. You don’t know when a huge expense can come up and wat away all the money from your checking account. This why credit card companies and some websites offer a Cashback reward program for its frugal members. Under this program, a percent of the amount spend(shopping on the website) will be paid back to you. A 2 percent cash back on a $50 purchase means you ...
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free gas

Little-Known Ways to Get Free Gas in 2019

Why pay full price for gas when you can get it for free? Yes, you heard it right. I am not talking about discount coupons or other hacks. You can fill up your gas tank once or twice a month without paying a penny. Purchasing gas for your car is no different than shopping for groceries or clothes. If you can occasionally get free food and clothes then why not gas for your car? Here are a few legitimate ways you can get free gas for your car in 2019. 1. Get free gas cards with Swagbucks If a promise of free gas after completion of a ...
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Lucrative Skills That Save You Money

Who could say no to saving more than $4000 a year? That too, without living in an RV or eating peanut butter sandwiches for an entire year. You can save more than $4000 a year by leaning a few basic skills that can come handy all round the year. Instead of hiring a professional or an expert to work, you can learn how to do it yourself and make a truckload of savings each year. Here are the 5 lucrative skills that save you money. 1. Learn to give yourself a fine haircut According to a report from BusinessInsider, the average cost of ...
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Student credit card

Should College Students Have Credit Cards?

Are you a college student wondering whether getting a credit card is the right thing to do at this moment? Or maybe you are a concerned parent who wants the best for their children? Credit cards can land anyone in trouble if used irresponsibly. It doesn’t matter whether the user is a college student or a person in their fifties. To answer your question: Yes, I think a college student should have credit cards. They might be a novice when it comes to managing their finances and making smart financial decisions, but without getting started, ...
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debt consolidation

5 Myths About Debt Consolidation Debunked

Are you wondering whether to go for debt consolidation or not? Maybe you have heard some rumors about it and need some new perspective. Debt consolidation is nothing but merging all your debt into one loan with a lowered interest rate and extended repay period. It might seem easy and straightforward but it’s not. There are many terms and conditions that are involved which make applying for a debt consolidation a headache. Here are the 5 myths about debt consolidation loans. 1. It is bad for your credit score Consolidating your ...
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