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Stocks built to Thrive in the bear and bull Market

Stocks and the financial market: are the best ways to seek for the financial growth which helps to make one secure financially. There lies a condition wherein if stocks market prevails in a good way then there is sure way to get to the ladder of success. But f the stocks don’t return the way, they have been expected to return, then there is something which one definitely needs to think about. Before moving further, it would be great if everybody can be on the same page about the Bull and Bear market.  Bear market is the one which sees ...
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Working capital

When should you start thinking about Money?

Money! What! Are you trying to show off your assets or are you trying to be one of the coolest kids ever been on this planet! We know these are just few of the things one gets to hear, when they start thinking about earning money or start trying o fulfill their desire of becoming billionaire, from the very not so small yet taken to be small stage of a school student. But is it really good or is it really bad, to think about money in the years when you are still graduating? Or are you getting off-track in your head and will eventually end ...
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Working capital

Basic ways to Earn a little Money

Being a teenager with limited finances in your pockets and yet unlimited wants and needs constantly changing with time and trends, it becomes important to save.But why only save when you can also easily earn? Many a times, at this age earning seems like an impossible and unattainable choice that is likely just a waste of time. And yet, people all over the world make money like this. Through little and simple ways, using their talents and time to produce something worthwhile. Your productivity is challenged and this simple process of earning ...
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email marketing

Can email marketing earn you more readers?

Email marketing is still a very hot topic, and sometimes, it can be quite a controversial one. Some people claim that email marketing is becoming quite outdated, while others say that it is still as vital as ever. Regardless of your personal opinion, the facts and the numbers actually speak very clearly. There are several hundred million social media users out there. The number is certainly impressive, but it pales compared to the sheer amount of active email addressed receiving emails on a daily basis. In fact, there are over 3.4 billion of ...
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Do Minimum Wage Laws make Labor fixed or Variable?

Minimum wage laws were introduced all around the world around the mid- 20thcentury to protect the basic rights of the workers who are the real force behind the growth of Economy. Minimum Wage laws ensure that salary that a worker is being paid for his or her hard work is not less than the permissible limit of which he/she is entitled to. Due to the diversity of industries these days, it depends on country to country on whether they choose to categorize minimum wages from industry to industry depending on the amount of physical labor a worker ...
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Equity vs Gold: Which is a Better Investment?

Investment is a doozy topic. The debate for investments using gold and equities have existed for a very long time in the market, but what is the real answer all these debates come to? Investors already know the answer to this question. Investing in equities have always been more rewarding and while investing in gold might be a safe bet for a small amount of time, the history of the market has shown equity always outperforming gold in investments sector. Why people still hold investment in gold to such high standards then? People often overlook ...
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Insurance for Freelancers

“20 to 30 per cent of the working-age population in the United States and the European Union engage in independent work.” – Independent work: Choice, Necessity, and the Gig Economy, McKinsey Global Institute, 2016. It is estimated that 34% of the population in the US are working as freelancers. With many companies looking to hire skilled individuals on a contract basis from app development to content writing, freelancing is quickly becoming a lucrative career option for many young workers. This brings to the fore the importance of benefits ...
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Top Methods To Increase Productivity In Daily Life

Do you feel you are wasting your potential on unfruitful things making you feel down in the end? Each and everyone dreams of working at our maximum efficiency, getting as much done as possible in all the time that is allotted to us in a day. Our social, economic and emotional obligations make us have to finish work, tend to family and friends, giving time to self working on goals, etc. But in the midst of doing all of this, we tend to lose the balance between a good social and family life. On the web, you will find millions upon millions of productivity ...
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