Overdraft Protection For Debit Cards and ATM?s Is Over


Unless you opted in.

No more paying $35.00 for that Starbucks coffee, however, now rather than paying $35.00 you won?t be getting the coffee at all, if you don?t have the money in your account your card will be declined. No coffee. None. Maybe you should just carry cash or skip out on the expensive coffee altogether.

As of last Sunday, if you didn?t opt-in for bank overdraft protection with one of the many, many, daily requests to do so from you will no longer be able to use your card if you don?t have the money.

Seems right, doesn?t it? Basic budgeting 101 says if you don?t have the funds you shouldn?t buy it?.

The only problem is?the banks are now losing a huge source of revenue. What are they going to think up next to get us?