Online Safety: How to Protect Your Finances


The era when trips to the bank served as the key method of organising one?s finances is well and truly over. With huge increases in connectivity, greater computational power and advances in the field of online security, the majority of individuals are now well versed in the act of conducting one?s financial activities in a primarily online fashion. That would be completely fine, a mere aspect of human technological, social and economic advancement, however with the inexorable rise in cases of identity theft, privacy infraction and outright stealing of account balances, online banking can still carry with it a risk. How best can you protect yourself?

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 8.41.00 AMFirstly, when presented with a site or app that asks for your personal information; login codes, passwords and the like; make efforts to ensure the validity of these sites and apps, prior to using them. For apps, buy trusted, highly acclaimed programs, or when using a browser, check the security certificates for the given website. If using Fake apps and websites are one of the prime avenues in which fraudsters and criminals can commit digital crime, so always be stringent and astute when logging in!

The online gambling sector has experienced enormous growth over the past few years, threatening the traditional dominion of brick-and-mortar casinos. Of course, competition is a natural aspect of the market, however with online gambling many of the traditional safeguards gamers take for granted simply don?t exist. There are various methods one can employ to counter this. First, check the methods of deposit of your chosen site; third-party transfer services are best, far better than credit card, cheque or cash transfer methods. Check that the site you are using is reputable. Take gaming site casinosagafans, for instance. A quick check of an aggregate reviews site will display the reputability of this site, showing it is safe for use; transplanting this method on practically any site can easily show whether said website is professional and not an intricate scam.

With wireless networks popping up in every town center, coffee shop and restaurant nowadays,being able to manage your finances from practically any location is now a possibility. Herein, however, lies another problem; fraudulent access points. Criminals can set up their own networks in the vicinity of popular, well-trodden public networks, stealing any data that passes through their maleficent fakery. To combat this, check with the retailer, caf? owner, etc, and be sure you?re accessing an official network.


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