Not Too Early To Think About Your Taxes


Even though you have until April 18 this year because of some obscure holiday, it is still not to early to consider filing your taxes.

Don’t wait for the mail because this year you won’t get it. The IRS has confirmed that they will no longer mail paper tax packages including the instruction booklet, Publication 17. More and more people are now filing electronically. If you need the actual papers you can get them at your local IRS offices, some libraries and post offices or you can go to

You can also file for free online if your adjusted gross income is $58,000 or less. Go to

If you hire someone to help you with your taxes, choose carefully. You are responsible for what is on your tax return regardless of who helps you. The costs to prepare vary among individuals but you should avoid anyone who bases their fee upon the amount of your refund and of course, you should never sign any blank form that hasn’t been filled out yet.

You’re going to have to do it eventually no matter what so don’t procrastinate. Now is the time to plan for your taxes.


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