Not The Kind Of Double Dip That You Want


Not like a double dip ice cream cone on a hot summer day, no the kind of double dip that some economists say is on the horizon is much more ominous.

Some economists are now predicting a double dip recession, meaning that just when you thought it was getting better, it is going to get worse again.

And what does that look like?

Housing will continue to drop (has it stopped dropping at all?)

Unemployment will increase to over 10% again.

Consumer spending will be down.

Consumer confidence will also be down.

People will buy fewer cars.

Trade, imports and exports down.

The budget deficit will continue to grow.

The National debt will increase.

The stock market will drop.

Banks will suffer.

Interest rates are already at zero?.

And the Republicans will blame the Democrats.

Sure is funny how the Republicans won?t take any responsibility but give the entire load to the President who has only been in for 18 months.

Recession is an equal opportunity blame problem, neither side is completely responsible for the mess.

The question should no longer be ?Who?s responsible for the mess?? but rather ?Who will take part in helping to fix it now?.

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