No Kidding?


A recent article over at states that a recent survey found that in recent years debt-related stress is higher than before and also that people with higher stress caused from indebtedness were more likely to experience health problems than others.

And this is news? Stress from debt causes health issues? No kidding?

Among the findings were that people with excessive debt problems were 13 times more likely to lose sleep at night, 7 times more likely to have anxiety problems, and 6 times more likely to experience severe depression, and a few other things also.

If you were to ask anyone who has gone through difficult financial times, they would tell you that this is true?.no surveys needed.

?One should repay the loans he has taken as soon as possible. A debtor can never enjoy peace of mind and happiness as long as he is under the burden of debts.
~Atharva Veda~