What You Must Know About Job Hopping!



When you hear about the term career, your brain displays the scenario of you sitting in your office with the room of your door revealing your name in a metal plate. Maybe the upbringing of the children in the society has encouraged them not to trust their luck by dreaming about having a business, but a “safe and secure” job. But who likes to bounce his head deliberately into the same nature of workforce rock years after years? Hence, there came a new tradition popularly known as job hopping. Job hopping refers to changing from one job to another within a short period of time. Job hopping is usually undertaken by the young, ambitious people since they have the energy to overcome the adaptation challenges faced in joining different jobs. This is done mainly due to the lust of experiencing a different working environment and a pay scale increment.

In the earlier days, job hopping was famous for being a “career-suicide”. However, with the change in the calendars, the misconception has been transformed to a trend. Many people have a negative view of job hopping but in reality, there are many benefits of jumping from one job to another. First of all, you look for higher payment and better facilities. Of course, you will job-hop only if you find the next job paying you more and has better facilities and working environment. Nobody will want his or her value to be reduced in the market. Secondly, self discovery. You may want to discover the career growth of the second company and compare it with the first. Everybody wants to dedicate his time and effort to a company where the growth is vast and eventually ends up in an infinite chain in his discovery. Third, development of your skills. Skills, here, doesn’t only mean your professional skills. Skills, which may help you have a better personality like meeting new people, communicating with them, sharing the ideas, etc are all developed when change your working environment. Forth, you tend to become a source yourself for the rest of your family members or your friends. When you go to different companies, you come to know about its architecture and several other people working in it for years. This helps to keep in touch with the hip and happenings of the company indirectly even when you have left it.

However despite being advantageous, job hopping also creates a negative impression on the employers. They will definitely come to know about your lacking consistency which is a major drawback in service life. Also, many HRs will not risk their company’s cash on such an individual who is willing to have a mere guest appearance. Many major posts require permanent individuals to manage the company’s ups and downs, hence running off indicates a lower, which is why they will hesitate to hire you. Thus, it is advisable to job hop to a limited extent with proper resigning and joining reasons.


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