MOOCs and How They Can Increase Your Chances of Employment



MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses have attracted a lot of attention lately because of the nature of these courses. MOOCs offer detailed online education on selected topics, mainly in the fields of business, web design, software development, literature and culture. These offer material of a very wide range. Generally they cater to anyone and it depends on what the student chooses. Some courses are targeted at and designed for beginners, while some are meant for people who are already well acquainted with the subject of their choice.

MOOCs mostly tend to be well thought out, organized and detailed enough that people who follow them come out well educated on the subject of the course. If you?re careful about which courses you choose, you may benefit from it greatly. Reliable sources like Coursera, Udacity etc. can actually be very beneficial for your education. What?s even better are career oriented courses offered by several official sources themselves. For work like creation of apps, software development, graphics and web designing, MOOCs have proven to be of great use to those who pursue them. Not only do these courses give you access to knowledge you won?t have otherwise, they help expand your horizons. When you put them on your resume, it shows that you have a certain dedication to formal education and are willing to go to great lengths to know more however you can.

MOOCs can and do increase your chances of employment in many areas of professional work. However, these alone are not enough. In isolation MOOCs mean little to nothing. For someone who is already well educated in a field, MOOCs can be very useful as they help you get an edge over your peers. Without proper formal education, however, MOOCs are not particularly helpful. Most employers believe MOOCs do not lay the proper groundwork for the kind of discipline any field requires.

Moreover, while these courses can be advantageous to for the lines of work we?ve mentioned above, for many still they carry no weight at all. In medical, engineering, scientific professions MOOCs do not exercise any influence in the hiring process. Employers don?t take into account MOOCs at all, and the usefulness of these courses has mostly been dispelled as a myth.




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