Money Saving Tips for Choosing a New Phone



Every time a newer, shinier model of our phone is released, we feel the urge to trade in our older set for the ?better?, updated version. This can be most obviously observed with Apple?s iPhone of course. Apple releases newer versions of all their devices every other year like clockwork; and each time with apparently many more features than the last. And every time we fall for it.

It?s been found that phone-related costs are one of the most heavyweight expenditures our generation has to endure. However, our primary needs from phones can be narrowed down to making contact with other people (calls, texts etc.) and access to the internet. Of course, with the advent of smart phones, we expect a lot more from our phones than we used to. There is a whole hoard of apps out there to serve many purposes for people in various walks of life. These are valid needs, obviously. But do we really need to spend money buying a new phone every year? Probably not. Here are a few handy tips for saving money on a new phone.

  • ?Do I really need this?? If the answer?s no, then don?t buy a new phone. If you have a fully functioning phone that serves all your needs, you don?t need to waste money buying a new one. Use the one you have for as long as you can while you save up to buy a better model for when you really need an upgrade.
  • ?Do I really need this right now?? Fine, let?s say you really do need the new phone ? but do you need it immediately? Waiting for a few months before you purchase the latest model can actually save you a lot of money as the prices tend to drop after the first 6 months of its release.
  • Exchange your phone for a new one. Instead of just buying the new phone, you can always opt for an exchange from a store that has the option. You?ll be able to save a lot of money on the new phone and get rid of the one you don?t need in one sweep.
  • Scour the internet for good deals. A lot of e-retail stores often offer hefty discounts on new phones. Again, waiting a few months before you buy can help.
  • Don?t buy the latest model, go for an older version. It?s not that the newer models don?t come with a lot of new features, but often the older models pack a lot of great qualities and they come at lesser prices because they?re not considered en vogue. If you find a particular brand useful, buy an older model of the same phone and you?ll be able to save a lot of money as the prices recede dramatically when the newer versions come out.



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