Money Games For Kids


Our kids are growing up seeing the easy side of credit cards. They go to the store with Mom or Dad, they pick up the groceries, clothes, toys or whatever they are buying on that day and as they go through the checkout stand, they see Mom or Dad pull out a little piece of plastic and run it through a little machine. And they?re done. Easy, peasy right?

In fact, if you think about it most kids probably don?t even realize that the credit card represents money?at least not until they get old enough to realize that they can buy webkinz on ebay.

But now there are some really fun financial games that can teach children the value of a dollar, even if that dollar is attached to a credit card.

Kids do often learn from a hands-on approach and when it is fun they tend to learn even more and that is what the creators of these games wanted to tap into. With names such as ?Beat Debt, Charge Large, Celebrity Calamity and Thrive Time, you can see that there are games that run the gamut.

And your child can learn some financial literacy principles that can serve them well for their entire life.